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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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Don't RP until your character has been approved. Follow the guide lines.
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 Technique Template and a Quick Run Down (Updated last: 5/15/10)

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PostSubject: Technique Template and a Quick Run Down (Updated last: 5/15/10)   Sat May 15, 2010 4:56 pm

Quick run down of how this works.

First, when battling you must keep track of both your Health and your MP. It also doesn't hurt to keep track of the opponent's in case someone forgets to post how much they have left at the bottom or top of their post. It is however recommended [and highly appreciated] if you put it in EVERY post during the battle, whether you're posting a skill to use or not. Until the battle is over, we'd like you to so it's easier for the admins to follow when looking the battle over.

In 'battles' your character can die sadly. Though an actual battle must be approved by an admin ahead of time. We don't want level 10s killing level 1s for no reason. I don't care if they're annoying you. No killing unless approved! [That's final unless specific events are in place and said otherwise]

In a friendly battle, also called a 'spar', you don't have to worry about dying. When your health hits 0 in this case, your character just passes out for awhile. It's usually best for one of the participants to declare the spar at an end before this happens though cause I don't think anyone wants to have their character pass out a bit, not being able to post.

If a skill says in the level requirement a level that you have not reached, then you cannot use that skill because technically you have not 'learned' that skill [if you want to go by game terms].
Level Requirement: 7
Your level: 6
Skill cannot be used

Level Requirement: 4
Your level: 6
Skill may be used

Magic Points are like Mp that you see in all kinds of games. It can be thought of as MP, Mana, TP, SP, or Stamina. If you run out, you can't use any of your skills so be careful.

If you didn't read anything else I put here then please at least read this!
Be very clear on your descriptions. There is no advantage section in the template for a reason. You should be clear enough on your description, loop holes are looked for and if there is any, they may be used against you.
Please note that any skill that someone uses, will not effect them unless stated in the description other wise.
If in the disadvantages, your skill has a chance of effecting you [or something like that], then it might just cost a bit less to use.

You must have at least two disadvantages. If you add more then copy the bulletin code so it looks better.

You can use techniques from things like games and shows but give credit to that then. If at all possible also add your own twist to it.

[color=#FF8040]Name: [/color]{name of the attack}
[color=#F88017]Health Deduction: [/color]{An admin will put}
[color=#F87217]Magic Point (MP) Required: [/color]{An admin will put}
[color=#E56717]Level Requirement: [/color]{An admin will put}
[color=#C35817]Description: [/color]
[color=#C35617]Disadvantages: [/color]

Inspired by, all video games that have MP indications (and levels obviously), and RPGMakers
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Technique Template and a Quick Run Down (Updated last: 5/15/10)
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