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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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 Lovelock, Tessa

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PostSubject: Lovelock, Tessa   Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:06 pm

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~

Given Name: Tessa
Middle Name: none
Surname: Lovelock
Appearance Age: 16
Actual Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: witch
Sexual Orientation: straight

Teacher or Student? (or Neither) student

Hair Color & Style: Black and blue
Eye Color: blue
Complexion: creamy
Height: 5'8
Weight: 155 lbs
Markings: three tattoos : one of the back of her neck that reads," Loki" one on her left wrist of Chinese letters fire and tiger and on the right side of her belly button a wolf and full moon
Apparel: you can find her in black and blue clothes... usually jeans and short and overalls. But if you find her wearing a black or white skirt... she's not happy.

Personality: I trickster that loves to play games unless she's mad and then she is straight to the point. Has an attention span that isn't very long unless its about cars, bikes or weapons, but will study hard or cram when she has to pass a test. And if you get on her bad side, she will make you her personal whipping boy.
Talents: A great dancer, that can use her charms to get animals to like her. Has a great voice. And loves to weld things.
Habits: loves to work on her bike and keep it running. Also likes to go out into the woods and dance around with her mpb3 player on.
  • weapons
  • boys... when they aren't a pain
  • bikes and studying to get stronger.
  • As long as they other two don't get in her way.
  • Chinese food as well as any thing chocolate that doesn't have a weird filling it it. And J-pop boy bands
  • mean boys
  • bad weapons maintenance
  • arrogant people

Element: Fire
Gift: Can create a large (7ft tall ... when on hide legs ) tiger out of fire
    Gift Description: Can take down most enemies that the beast is aimed at, but if made while anger it has a mind of its own. And if the caster is covered in water during the spell. The tiger will vanish is a puff of smoke, this also applies to showers, raining out side and cups of water or any liquid thrown on her.
Weapon: A short sword
    Weapon Description: This sword has an irregular blade of a bronze color, with a Celtic wolf engraved on it. Its grip is of a black metal set with citrine and jade pieces. The pommel is shaped like a fist.

  • Fire
  • determined
  • strong willed
  • Short fuse
  • Guys in glasses and deep voices
  • Water

Date of Birth: October 1993
Birth Place: Maine
Parents: Patrica and Donovan Lovelock( aunt and uncle)
Siblings: three" Marcus, Damian and Gina
History: Both of the Tessa's parents died and she was raised by relatives. Tessa has lost contact with his parents or did so prior to their death. She is the youngest child of a large family of four, who look at her as their protector Her family emigrated to their current home many generations ago. And she gets along with her brothers and sisters rather well, truthfully, the family loves and admires her. Tessa has become hated by the those at her old school because of her fight with a popular boy, who had beaten up on her only friend at the time, Mason. Luckily, though, Mason was the son of the Principal of the school would sent here to the academy, hoping she would do better here.

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)
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PostSubject: Re: Lovelock, Tessa   Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:35 pm


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Lovelock, Tessa
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