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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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 Nightingale, Ceres

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PostSubject: Nightingale, Ceres   Thu May 13, 2010 9:15 pm

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~

Given Name: Ceres
Middle Name: Julia
Surname: Nightingale
Appearance Age: 16-18 [Around there]
Actual Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Teacher or Student? Spells and Potions Teacher

Hair Color & Style: Ceres has a pale shade of green hair, basically a pale spring green that is evenly cut at waist length. She usually has some strands over her shoulders and her bangs are cut just above eye level, slightly uneven.
Eye Color: Ceres has two different colored eyes. Her left eye is in a shade of gold and her right eye is a bright shade of jewel pink.
Complexion: Her complexion is a flawless pale tone that's soft to the touch.
Height: Ceres stands four feet and eleven inches.
Weight: She weighs at ninety-seven pounds.
Markings: Perfectly placed on her back is a tattoo. Besides that, she has the usual mark of elves, pointed ears.
Apparel: Ceres usually wears a black dress that has a collar with gold trim around the collar, down the neck length then over to the shoulders and around the 'sleeves'. Technically there are no sleeves because it is cut like a tank-top. The bottom of the black dress is cut into four sections and she wears white shorts and a white shirt underneath it. She wears three red belts that hang on her side. The inside of the black dress is crimson red and at the bottom of each of the four sections that the bottom of the black dress is cut into has gold trim. She then wears boots that are white which reach a little past her knee with a gold diamond on the knee. On her arms she wears separately cut sleeves that have cold trim at the top and bottom and a belt strap around the top to keep the sleeve held up and a small strap around the wrist gently to keep it held in place. This is Ceres' usual apparel.

Personality: Ceres can be a bit masochistic and a bit of a sadist at times which can make her seem either insane or cold hearted. However, Ceres can also be childish and almost happy-go-lucky on times of what may seem like a good mood. When she's alone Ceres acts almost the same as when she's with others. Upon first meeting people, if Ceres is in a good mood she'll try to start a conversation right away but if she's in a bad mood she'll ignore the person or start to pick a fight with them. Ceres does have a neutral mood where she doesn't care about things either way though it's rare. At some times, if she's in what seems to be a happy mood, she may be a bit flirty or teasing someone. However, if Ceres makes friends or gets attached to someone, she'll put her life on the line to protect them.
Talents: Music arts, Gymnastics, Balance
Habits: Tuning people out
  • Blood
  • Night time
  • Cool Weather
  • High places
  • Manga
  • Veggies
  • Annoying people [by her definition]
  • Pointless crying [by her definition]
  • Not getting candy when there is some near
  • Being told to do something

Element: Wind
Gift: Hiten Mitsurugi (also referred to as: Ultrasonic Sword Techniques)
    Gift Description: Hiten Mitsurugi is an ancient sword style. The mastery of this style enables her to exercise superhuman speed and reflexes, as well as perform many powerful sword techniques. This sword style consists of techniques that involve drawing the sword quickly to strike the opponent, also known as battōjutsu or techniques that are the usual sword techniques that involve striking from the ground or air. This style is best when using a usual japanese sword that's light since the style focuses on striking the opponent(s) quickly. Even if someone master's this sword style, they'd need the body size to be able to use it. Due to Ceres's small body size, there are times where she cannot use Hiten Mitsurugi or else it will cause her body to start to deteriorate. When using battōjutsu, she usually only has only one chance to hit the target(s) because most battōjutsu techniques are usually one shot only [Note: this doesn't mean that shot will hit]. Also since Ceres uses a sakabatō instead of a usual japanese long sword, her Hiten Mitsurugi Battōjutsu techniques are preformed a fraction slower, however, most do not notice the change unless their eyes are keen and even then they'd have to be able to have the speed to react.
Weapon: A Sakabatō
    Weapon Description: A sakabatō is a japanese reversed blade sword. The sword is unable to kill unless the hold is flipped so it seems as if the sword is being held backwards. When using battōjutsu, techniques for drawing a sword, the unsheathing of the sword is a fraction slower due to the sakabatō having the blade on the wrong side. The sheath used for the sword is metal on the inside. The handle is that like a ordinary japanese sword, the wrapping around it is dark green that could be mistaken for black.

  • Speed---Due to her training and her small size as well as light weight, Ceres has an extreme amount of speed that allow her to match most others.
  • Keen Hearing---Ceres has a very acute hearing, allowing her to hear even tiny sounds if she listens.
  • Keen Eyesight---Ceres has a very keen eyesight, letting her see tiny details easy.
  • Pain Tolerance---Ceres has a high mental and physical pain tolerance thus even when attacked she may act like she wasn't hit despite the fact that she is injured.
  • Keen Eyesight---Even though she can see tiny details easy that others would miss, extremely bright places or lights can either blind Ceres temporarily or give her a headache from seeing them too much.
  • Keen Hearing---Even though she can hear faint sounds that some wouldn't, too much of a loud noise can give her a headache.
  • Headaches---When Ceres has a headache she has a temper which can could her judgment on things.
  • Temper---Ceres can have a bit of a temper at times, perhaps even with the tiniest details. Example: Being called a midget bugs Ceres though she can handle being called short or even sprite for some reason.

Date of Birth: December 23
Birth Place: Birth: Unknown. Memories being in a hidden elf village: Castilis
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
History: Ceres was born in an known place but her first memories begin in an elf village named, Castilis. Being treated different from the other children, Ceres had no friends in the village. She lived on her own in a burned down house that no one lived in or fixed up. She was able to go to the elven school in Castilis though everyone avoided her, included the teachers for their main reason was that the found her strange for having two different colored eyes. Ceres expressed no hatred or sorrow to her classmates and teachers, she kept her distance from them, finding herself too different to be too close to them as well. She grew up, alone, longing for someone to risk getting close to her. When she swallowed her pride enough to walk up to a group of her classmates and ask to play with them when she was young, the stuttered and each made up a different excuse to why she couldn't. Sadness showing in her unique eyes for the first time for other's to see, Ceres walked away from them to make them content that she was away from them enough so they could resume their game. The following day, Ceres was walking to school and kids from a higher class starting to throw rocks at her. Ceres took each hit that hit her without crying though her eyes threatened to release a small river of tears. She forced a smile and kept walking, telling herself that at least they were paying attention to her. When she reached the classroom the teacher asked no questions about her bruises and cuts and immediately started that day's lesson. It was when Ceres was ten that a passing wanderer saw that Ceres was getting things that were on fire thrown at her but a smile stayed on her face, a forced smile that was filled with sadness. The wanderer approached the group of children and Ceres, moving the children aside and walking up to Ceres. He picked Ceres up under her arms as if she weighed nothing and asked her if she would like to see the mountains. Wanting to leave the place that shunned her, she nodded her head without a word and he carried her so the old injuries that still needed to be taken care of wouldn't open. Upon leaving the village of Castilis, Ceres was amazed by all that was around her, especially when they reached the mountains and she saw the different animals and plants. Her days of living in a small yet comfortable hut with the wanderer named Soubi, she started to have a real smile on her face. He began to teach her the sword style he knew, Hiten Mitsurugi, and she really liked it. She wanted to learn and she'd wake up earlier than needed and rushing into Soubi's room and bugging him until he woke to begin the day's lesson. She learned basic herbal remedies so she could keep herself as healthy as possible. Her wounds from her times in Castilis began to heal as she grew happier and more attached to Soubi. She went from her young childhood years, to her early teens, to her teens and young adult years with Soubi. It was then that she started to notice something, she was retaining her youth, years passing but her looks never changing now, but Soubi was now in his forties. Sure, he looked about twenty something, but she knew he was older than that and it bothered her that the person she had come to care so deeply for would die so early before she herself would of age. She was stricken with sorrow, having yet to tell Soubi of her feelings for him were more than that of a master who had taught her swordsmanship but more heartfelt. One day, she swallowed her pride once more and went to find her master to share that. She was never able to. When she reached the edge of the woods that were near the hut, she saw the corpses of people, military from a country she did not recognize. She smelled blood from how strong it was in the air and easy to smell. She rushed to aid her master, hoping that her help was not required though. Her luck was drained. When she found her master he was fatally wounded and beyond her help. She knelt to his side, not wanting him to be alone for what unfortunately faced him now. For the first time in her life, tears cornered her eyes as she heard her master tell her to live the best of her life since she would never know when it would be taken from her and that if she takes the life of anyone that she must live longer, to live the life of the one she took, to burden their life. Ceres nodded her head and opened her mouth to tell her master how she felt about him, that she'd give anything if he would live but no words got the chance to be voiced by her as her master leaned up and pressed his lips to her own. Shocked, Ceres had no time to recognized what was going on before it was over and her master laid his head back down, his lips moving as if he was saying something to her but nothing was voiced as his unfocused eyes slipped closed, never to open again. Another first happened as the tears that had cornered her eyes fell down her cheeks as she cried over her master, over Soubi, the person she had cherished most's death. Ceres hadn't moved from the spot, staying by her lost one until night fall where she picked up her master and carried him to the cliff near the waterfall by the hut where she buried him, marking the spot with his sword as she took the reversed blade sword, a sakabatō, as she departed from the place that held her happiest and saddest memories. She became a wanderer herself, roaming the country side when she stumbled upon this academy where she decided to try her hand at teaching.
[Note: This IS a RUSHED version of the history for I was in a hurry and a more detailed version will be sent when finished.]

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)

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PostSubject: Re: Nightingale, Ceres   Thu May 13, 2010 9:29 pm

Very Good Ceres....

The day I died, was also, the day That I started to live.
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Nightingale, Ceres
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