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 Pest's techniques

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PostSubject: Pest's techniques   Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:40 pm

Name: Sables
Health Deduction: -12 {Per whirlwind; meaning double if hit by both}
TP Required: -7 {Per whirlwind}
Level Requirement: 2
Description: Pestilence creates tiny whirlwinds made out of sands and has them fire out blades of sand at high speeds or creates a large whirlwind made of sand
    He can only fire off two at a time (one whirlwind per hand)
    The large Whirlwind takes longer to create (2 posts)

Name: Siccitatibus
Health Deduction: Pending
TP Required: Pending
Level Requirement: Pending
Description: Pestilence drains the liquids from a person/object, breaking them/it down and turning them to dust.
    Pestilence can only use this technique through contact with a person/object
    This ability can only be used when Pestilence needs to feed

Name: Equites impetum: Morbus
Health Deduction: 0
TP Required: -13
Level Requirement: 2
Description: Pestilence alters his form into a giant knight made out of sand riding a horse
    The ability takes time to charge up (2-3 posts)
    The ability lasts a short period of time (3-4 posts)

Name: Normanniae litora
Health Deduction: -9
TP Required: -5
Level Requirement: 1
Description: Pestilence fires off sharp piercing blades made of hardened compact sand like a machine gun.
    This ability can only be used on a beach or a location where there is a large area of sand
    The accuracy for this ability is low due to rapid fire
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PostSubject: Re: Pest's techniques   Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:58 pm

Your pending skill will be updated as soon as possible. If no change has happened within 2 weeks or a time in which it is needed please PM me.


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Pest's techniques
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