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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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 Ezio Calvin ~Done~

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PostSubject: Ezio Calvin ~Done~   Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:49 pm

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~

Given Name: Ezio Calvin Auditore
Middle Name: Calvin
Surname: Ezio
Appearance Age: 21
Actual Age: 551
Gender: Male
Race: Crusnik
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Teacher or Student? (or Neither) (Teacher~History)

Hair Color & Style: Short and Silvery Gray
Eye Color: Silvery gray
Complexion: light semi tanned
Height: 6'3
Weight: 160lbs
Markings: {Any specific marks on your character?}
Apparel: {Usually a full suit or an open suit jacket and top in a relaxed situation or fight}

Personality: {Normalities: In a normal situation where Ezio is seemingly at ease he is simply getting to understand everyone around him. Every little detail is taken into consideration and due to his intelligence he is able to take in and process information at fast speeds while maintaining that appearance of a very sociable person whom you would not have any problems with. Ezio indeed would not start anything with anyone openly unless a part of his plan and normally would just prefer to end a situation before it starts in as simple a way as possible. This is something he was taught and is simply second nature as with moving quickly, silently, and of course with stealth and always blending in with the crowds.

Heated: It is seemingly hard to get Ezio in an angered state. The person without enough knowledge of both French and Italian, which are languages he speaks along with English, are not going to understand him let alone know when his accent changes slightly. Even when angered to the point of hatred Ezio keeps a straight face and might even break a smile. There are such subtleties to show his emotions that no one could tell unless they watched him for years. One of which is his hair. He aims to kill completely and utterly when he pushes his hair over his right shoulder.

Enraged: Ezio has only ever once been enraged in his lifetime after his training and this rage was one that most people never get to experience. At least started the quest to obtain his powers. This state of rage seems to the normal person as a look of normal anger because even in a state of such hate and anguish his training is still second natured. His dialect leans more to the French side when in this state and most of his abilities are less subtle yet stronger. It is something he dreads doing because it pulls him from what he knows and cares about, his pride, his honor, his life as an assassin.}
Talents: {Substantial intellect, instrumental mastery mechanical prowess}
Habits: {Playing music Tinkering with mecahnics and weapons Smoking from time to time}
  • Fencing
  • Soothing scenery
  • {Good looking people and Smart individuals}
  • Battle crazed idiots
  • Drunken fools
  • {More can be added}

Element: {Lightning}
Gift: {His special gift is that of intellect allowing him to get insides one's head by his voice and the way he speaks in a deep Italian tone and then send waves of electricity to cause or disrupt actions}
    Gift Description: {Advantages: Helps in battles, Makes him great with students and in school fights, puts him in a better position with his vampiristic abilities. Disadvantages: Allows him to get into several minds at once possibly clouding his if he doesn't keep a clear head, Can be out done by someone with an IQ greater than his, Takes away focus to do this. }
    Weapon Description: These pistols are made of a the same material as the hidden blades above and are atunned with only Ezio. They are designed to be as powerful as a small shotgun with each bullet and to also be as fast as a burst fire assault rifle. They both are inscribed with Jesus Christ on the inside and on the outer side the words lasciò cadere la fiducia are etched in deep. Each bullet is one oh holiness, made of purified silver, and prosperity being extremely potent on his own race and others of darkness while he holds dozens of clips on his person not all of them are of holiness some are of a demonic value allowing him to diversify his fighting style. The make of the pistols allow for a much larger clip than the average twelve bullets. these hold twenty five and fires them in burst of twos until the last one in each gun is ready to be fired. Those bullets contain about a pounds worth of liquid c3, far off from c4 strength and in liquid form is much lighter than a pound, that will not explode until it hits something.

    Type Dual twin pistols

    Ability The sound from the bullets themselves, muffled by the sound of the trigger, will place a state of paralysis on the target unless their intellect is excellent. In that case it lowers their speed by a rank, just for this fight, and this ability works even if intellect is not Excellent just at a slower pace. Every three bullets heard will equal one drop in rank in speed. Speed can only be dropped once per fight per person and for each member slowed down an extra half a second is added to the reload time of that pistol.

    Weakness They are heavier than most guns,yet light enough to easily carry in one hand. The sound that resounds from the guns are not from the bullets, but from the actual pulling of the trigger meaning that the bullets are not heard while the trigger being pulled is. The sad part is that due to the increased weight of the guns singly they take a second to reload and together a total of three meaning that this process is slower with most weapons of this skill and stature. If the ability is used that particular pistol must gain one extra second of reload time for the duration of the fight because of the cool down from vibrations causes the clip more time and effort to get i

  • Swordsmanship
  • Marksmanship
  • Keen Aim
    {More can be added. Keep even with Weaknesses. These refer to the character.}
  • Reduced eyesight in daylight
  • Due to morality issues is weak in battles against females.
  • {His glasses help him see, but act as a type of power suppression never allowing him to go higher than 50 percent power without being momentarily blind.}

Date of Birth: {April 16}
Birth Place: France
Parents: none
Siblings: none
History: : Human Life: In 1460, Renaissance France, a young boy was bore of the name Ezio Auditore. This name was Italian due to his mother's heritage and his father, a wealthy Frenchman, had only allowed this because of his own hopes and goals for the young boy. At the age of two the boy's mother had fallen ill and passed, a young tragedy that Ezio was unsure how to handle. Even at the age of two he was smart enough to tell that his life would be different than normal and not in a good way.

His father became more a extrovert and oddly enough began to pay much more attention to Ezio than he had ever given to the boy ever. As the young male aged his father became less and less interesting and on the day of his seventh birthday all he received was a key. As he tried to figure out what the key was used for his father had stricken him across the head with a blow more than powerful enough to knock him out.

Ezio awoke in a small bed in Italy, but unaware of this fact he stood only to find his strength was taken from him. Lying there in the cold floor he began to cry. This was a situation that he did not know how to handle whatsoever and as he wept in the floor only because he had lost that which he loved he felt a strong hand upon his shoulder and heard calming words in a dialect that he oddly understood because of his mother speaking it. " Essere tranquillo ragazzo va tutto bene."

Ezio nodded and stood wondering where he was still before being pulled outside. His father had usually kept him stuck deep withing the large manor they owned and had not allowed him to leave his home, but this place was amazing. The chilled night air brushed lightly against Ezio's skin as he had seen the person speaking to him. A woman, beautiful as she was, dressed in an odd white laced with things that Ezio had no knowledge of other than his books. Daggers and a sword. Even a bracer for her arms. In his eyes she was something of a hero and he had to do anything to become like her in skill rather than gender.

She motioned to Ezio to follow her and that is what he did. He mimicked her every motion to the subtle steps of her foot and even the motions of her arms. as time passed Ezio learned her name ways and even skills. She was the assassin, Kateria. She became like his care taker and oddly enough the woman was but a girl when she had picked up Ezio off of the streets of France and brought him to Italy to train. She let him know that his father was dead and Ezio chose to learn her ways.

In time he grew to be better than her and even take on jobs to gain more money for them and their cause. Ezio figured that since she had saved his life her goal was his and anything too dangerous for her in his opinion was taken by him. Years passed and they grew ever closer to one another. Close enough to consider each other lovers. On the day of Ezio's twenty third birthday his son was brought into the world. This was oddly enough the day where his main plans were set into motion and he was brought to his goal.

Standing atop the grand church of Italy, The Vatican, Ezio awaited the arrival of the pope. It was his mission to kill the man and to rectify and liberate the problems caused by this man to the people of France. The pope was surrounded by three men clad in armor so large that there were no blind spots upon their persons. None that the average person could see. Ezio watched them approaching and noticed that each on had a different reaction to the helmet's weight and size. Ezio nodded taking this into consideration and threw his hood above his head.

He stood upon the cross of the church and dove down towards the pope and his men ready to kill or be killed fighting for his goal. As he dove the pope was approaching the entrance. Two guards beside him and one behind. This was a tight formation allowing for no one to reach the so called religious figure. Ezio , as he fell, wrapped his hands behind the necks of the two frontal guards and gripped the inside of their helmets flipping them in his own rolling motion.

This caused both guards to be stricken by the third's blades as he tried to strike Ezio and he used this chance and the removal of their main armor to release his hidden blades and pierce their skulls and even into their brains causing instantaneous death. The last one was now angered and swung his left hand at Ezio. Taking his chance he jumped landing on the blade and flipped into the air from the momentum he had gained. It was a move that gave him several attack options while at the same time leaving him blatantly open. As he extended his leg for his kick an arrow pierced his jugular causing him to fall to the ground.

There was only one person who could possibly know he was here and that his skills and movements would cause his throat to be right there at that exact moment. He closed his eyes as he heard the sword of the last templar guard come at him not wanting to see the truth that he knew was before him...his love had betrayed him. As the blade pierced the center of his chest he felt no greater pain than the breaking of his heart and the betrayal of the woman whom he thought would never let him go. The one person in the world he would give his life for and now in his last moments he realized that he had.

Now his eyes had opened in death and as a rouge Vampire had thought that he was drained of all life he had in all actualities been given life anew. In this dark existence he has lived since that day knowing of the world and learning the ways of the Nosferatu. His existence was a dull one to him but would seem adventurous to most normal people and with his eyes open to the trust of darkness and betrayal Ezio was ready to continue on as the man he was meant to be.

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)

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PostSubject: Re: Ezio Calvin ~Done~   Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:44 am

You need either one more weakness or take off one strength because those have to be even.


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PostSubject: Re: Ezio Calvin ~Done~   Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:11 am

Gift and Weapon will be under watch a bit if ever used just in case but over all, everything is fine it seems.


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PostSubject: Re: Ezio Calvin ~Done~   

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Ezio Calvin ~Done~
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