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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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 Mareo, Kaemon

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Kaemon Mareo
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PostSubject: Mareo, Kaemon   Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:10 am

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~

Given Name: Kaemon.
Middle Name: Taro.
Surname: Mareo.
Appearance Age: Mid-Twenties.
Actual Age: 160 years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Hybrid. (Human/ Demon)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Teacher or Student? (or Neither) Neither.

Hair Color & Style: Long raven black. Well groomed and taken care of. Cleanly washed and silky. This however, is his wig. His wig looks like his actual hair but it isn't for he is actually short haired. When he wears the eing it looks so much like his actual hair. Most of the time he will wear his wing in a pony-tail and other times he may wear it down.
Eye Color: Deep Abyss Purple. Glows whenever the sun hits his eyes as well as spending time with his friends and loved ones. One serious, they may change to being slitted all thanks to his demon blood.
Complexion: Fair. Due to his diet being a healthy balance. His skin is a perfect tone of being tan fused with white.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 152 pounds.
Markings: Faint scars all along his chest, arms, abs, shoulders, and elbows with a few on his back.
Apparel: Samurai Kimono's. He also wears an amazing uniform of when he was in his hometown. His clothing are always silky and are well cleaned daily and so they look brand new. If there is other clothes nearest to him then he may wear it due to him not being picky. His uniform hardly rips or gets damaged all because he is careful.

Personality: Kaemon Mareo's traits and attitude are great as well as they are noble. Gentle, Kind to his friends, and noble to them as well. He's seen as a "Father Figure" while other times he is just seen as a mature adult. Silent yet gentlemanly. He's a character that takes loyalty to a all new level. Being a retired samurai and still learning the customs of normal living as well as still being a bit of a strict samurai. Being raised as well as adopted in a rich family line, he's seen as a prince of some kind. Kaemon Mareo takes care of vases, and other fragile things making sure not to drop them. When leaving his hometown and becoming a samurai changed him. He's funny, and acts like a butler. He's a unique sort of character. "Samurai Code" is what he follows and which he still does but can forget it from time to time. Being all that he is he surely will show all kinds of wonderous things to his "Lovers" showing them a lot of attention and placing them first above else. With friends he is sweet and will listen to whatever they say, showing them loyalty without end. Strict at times, and tends to nag alot. He does mean well and will help anyone in need, above all else he will try his best in helping people in all ways either it being physical and emotional. Kaemon Mareo tends to also be a workaholic and a bookworm but don't let that full you. He will open up, it may take some time due to his hard core made nature. Kaemon Mareo is also respectful of nature, as well as the death of any loved one. Observant as well as a experiment freak. He tries things once for that is his motto.
Talents: Leader, Cooking, Cleaning, Listening, Working, Dancing, Martial Arts of all kinds, and Experimenting and yet surviving it either it being failed cooked dishes, as well as poisoned dishes and or drinks.
Habits: Strict, Stubborness, and Hot-Headness

  • Working.

  • Reading.

  • Antiques.

  • Sight-seeing.

  • Tea.

  • Listening to the Ocean.

  • Experimenting.

  • "Samurai Code", Its a small hand held book which tells him everything he needs to know to be a samurai.

  • Friends.

  • Loved Ones.

  • Nature.

  • Sitting Around doing nothing.

  • Hates being ignored.

  • Loud noises.

  • Bright lights.

  • Lighting.

Element: Wind.
Gift: Launches Wind made sickles.
    Gift Description: Kaemon Mareo can launch sickles at almost any direction. He uses his arms to launch them at enemies. The disadvantage of this is his arm becomes limp if he uses it to much and thus needs to lay low and hopefully recharge. Each arm sufferes the same effect.
Weapon: Pair of Swords.
    Weapon Description: He carries around two samurai swords of which they are both the same length and are made for speed as well as strength.


  • Swords.

  • Vision.

  • Gift.

  • Strength.

  • Speed.

  • Blinding lights. Hinders his vision.

  • Rain. Slows down his speed.

  • Hot-headness. Gets angry to easily.

  • Stubornness. Cloud his judment.

  • Lighting. When it happens he runs to hide.

Date of Birth: March 3rd
Birth Place: England.
Parents: King and Queen. (Deceased)
Siblings: N/A
History: Rain can be heard outside of the England kingdom. Two parents both humans took in a hybrid child. Naming him and then raising him to becoming a Prince was their dream. Month became years and the parents passed away of normal ages from humans. Kaemon Mareon being a hybrid child lived much longer and stayed in England to help with the all the problems throughout the country. Growing tired of it however, he left England as well as his Prince title. Upon arriving to Japan, he searched as well as seeked out people who could teach him the "Samurai Ways" and thus make him a samurai. Entering and then becoming a member of a samurai organziation, Kaemon Mareo being a beginner needed to learn the customs of samurai and how they do things. Years passed by and thus graduatin, Kaemon Mareo was now the head of the organization which he had founded ages ago. Retiring 5 to 10 years later, he sat around Japan not knowing what to do. Giving up and coming to this academy, Kaemon Mareo knew that this was the closest he could come to in order in achieving his goal of a new life. Still the England people are in desperate need of him returning but he refuses their advances as well as changed his actions so they couldn't find him. Wearing the wig hides his real "Prince" like appearance.

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)
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PostSubject: Re: Mareo, Kaemon   Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:35 pm

I am so sorry this wasn't looked at sooner, honestly I didn't notice it T_T please forgive a bad admin.
Anyway, this is seems good.


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Mareo, Kaemon
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