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 Ambrose, Josephine

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PostSubject: Ambrose, Josephine   Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:35 pm

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~

Given Name: Josephine
Middle Name: Lanthe
Surname: Ambrose
Appearance Age: 15
Actual Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Nekomimi {Hybrid | Human/Cat-Demon}
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Teacher or Student? (or Neither) Student

Hair Color & Style: A warm honey blonde toned with natural strawberry highlights, with side-bangs framing the right side of her face; her hair reaches down between her shoulder bangs, tapering down into a point and curling slightly at the ends; when damp or under the influence of water, it tends to frizz and curl a little more than usual.
Eye Color: Various shades of blue, leaning towards a light, cornflower hue when she is in an amiable, playful mood and a darker, cobalt blue when ill-humored, also marked by the twisting of her irises into obsidian, cat-like slits.
Complexion: Normal erring towards pale, with a tendency to flush easily, whether from heat or embarrassment.
Height: A petite, frustrating, five feet, two inches {one hundred, fifty-seven centimeters}.
Weight: Slight and lithe at a mere one hundred and ten pounds {fifty kilograms}.
Markings: Though not technically a marking, Josephine will occasionally sport a pair of silky black feline ears, and a tail resembling that of a short-furred cat, though the tip splits in two. Her canines are naturally sharpened to a point, like two needles; they sting more than injure when biting, however.
Apparel: Her working apparel consists of the typical “French Maid” outfit—a black dress which drops to the middle of her thigh, fringed with white lace. Her legs are adorned with black thigh-highs which come to a stop a mere four or five inches below the edge of her dress, and are occasionally accompanied by a lacy garter or strappy garter belts to keep them held up. Her shoes range from flat-footed, soft-soled nurses shoes to any number of heels, though most are of minimal height for ease of movement. Overtop of her dress she wears a cream-colored apron, tied about her waist with a silken bow; her hair is often ornamented by a maid’s headdress, which often rests just before her ears.
Aside from her working outfit is her state of casual dress. Varying day to day by her mood and the weather, she prefers comfortable tops, such as loose sweaters or shirts, and bottoms which allow quick, easy movement. For shoes, as long as they are comfortable and will not trip her up easily, she will wear anything from boots to sneakers. She prefers to wear faded colors and shades of black, grey, and white. In either case, working or casual, Josephine will tend to accessorize with ribbons, typically about her neck or wrists, always leaving her with something to amuse herself with when bored.

Personality: Josephine has a fairly cat-like temperament, fitful for her heritage; each tier of her personality hangs upon a delicate balance between one end and the other of a polar scale. At the first range of character, there is a spectrum ranging between antisocialism and co-dependence. At times, she will avoid as much human contact as possible, preferring to find herself a quiet place to lay in the sun, or to stare at something that catches her interest. Yet, still, at others, she will seek out the merest comfort which she is able to find, having no taste for being alone and finding herself incapable of functioning quite well without at least another person in the room with her.
Nestled quietly below this blanket layer is the playful core of feline nature. Josephine has a tendency to play with whatever may amuse her and to abandon that which does not. True to her occupation, as well, she will spend meticulous moments cleaning up messes, whether she has made them or not, looking down on the creation of such filth. Exploration, as well, falls under this category, but is one such footfall which lands across another crevice of indecision. Some days, she will be incapable of sitting still, and may only assuage this urge to move by exploring each crevice of a new territory. However, she is, at the same time, greatly averse to grand changes in her environment and habit.
A final note, better explained through experience than through telling, Josephine’s hiss, one might say, is worse than her bite.
Talents: Cleaning, Cooking, and Singing.
Habits: Habitually cleaning anything that’s messy, finding herself distracted easily, hissing when irritated, chewing on ribbons and strings, spraying people with water when they are “bad,” and playing inane games.
  • Ribbons
  • Shiny things
  • Birds
  • Singing
  • Cleanliness
  • Rain
  • Grass
  • Catnip
  • Flowers, particularly lilies
  • Sleeping in the sunlight
  • Being petted
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Playing Games
  • Strength
  • Ropes
  • Dust
  • Dogs
  • Illness
  • Messes
  • Lukewarm water
  • Mud
  • Pepper
  • Weeds
  • Being woken up
  • Being teased
  • Dark Chocolate
  • The Dark
  • Arrogance

Element: Water
Gift: pH Alteration
    Gift Description: In non-scientific terms, pH is a determination of how acidic or how basic any aqueous solution is. The pH scale, ranging from 0-14 displays the acidity or basicity of solutions based on their approximate pH level. A pH of seven is considered a neutral substance—this is the pH of distilled water; the smaller the number, the more acidic {hydrochloric acid has a pH of zero}, and the larger the number, the more basic {sodium hydroxide has a pH of fourteen}. An acid is a substance which reacts with a base, tastes sour {though not many acids should be ingested} and tends to have a caustic, or corroding effect. A base is a substance which reacts with and neutralizes an acid; they are often known to destroy proteins {sodium hydroxide has the capability of reacting violently with unprotected flesh}. {More information on these topics can be observed on This was merely an introduction}
    Some Typical pH Values
    The term ‘pH’ stands for ‘percentage’/’parts’ Hydrogen. The more acidic a substance is, the greater its concentration of Hydrogen ions, and the more basic a substance is, the greater its concentration of Hydroxide ions. That is, as you go towards Zero on the pH scale, H+ > OH-, and vice versa down the other end. To put things in simple terms, Josephine is able to change the concentration of Hydrogen ions [H+] in any given aqueous solution to make it more acidic or basic.
  • Disadvantages | *1* She is not immune, herself, to any acids or particularly caustic basis. As a result, if she is not careful with her ability, when using it in combination with her element, she may injure herself. {Ex. If the nozzle on her spray bottle is too loose or too tight when she sprays a particularly acidic or basic solution, some may drip onto her skin}. | *2* The farther away she is from a target, the more diluted her power becomes. | *3* The greater the amount of solution she is altering, the more power it takes. | *4* Like any solution, the acids/bases she alters/creates can be diluted and neutralized.
Weapon: Spray Bottle
    Weapon Description: Josephine keeps with her, at all times, a small, blue spray bottle which holds up to twenty ounces of fluid. The spray nozzle is typical of most spray-mist bottles, and has settings ranging from a straight “laser” of fluid to a wide-ranging “mist.” It is refillable—typically with moisture pulled from the air—and can hold any fluid of her choice, due to the special, synthetic chemical makeup of the plastic. Being made of synthetic plastic, it cannot be disassembled by earthen techniques, nor can it conduct electricity or break. The plastic is thick and resistant to temperature changes, as well as being able to resist the corrosion of strong acids {a type of plastic as chemistry vials might be made of, with slight modifications}.
  • Flexibility | Having spent most of her life twisting to get into difficult positions while cleaning house, and being a naturally “bendy,” cat, Josephine possesses great flexibility
  • Balance | As they say, cats always land on their feet.
  • Agility | Along with balance and flexibility, Josephine is quick and agile on her feet, forgiving the occasional stumble.
  • Housekeeping | Of course, being a maid, housekeeping is all but Josephine’s hobby rather than her occupation.
  • Fragile | Being as petite as she is, Josephine is also very fragile.
  • Lightning | The natural opposition to her own element.
  • Strength | Besides having an attraction towards those with impeccable strength, Josephine possesses little physical strength of her own, though she makes up for it as best as possible with her speed.
  • Distractions | Almost A.D.D by nature, Josephine is easily distracted, even in some of her most focused moments.

Date of Birth: March 3rd
Birth Place: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Her first sentient thought was that it was dark, and grey; her second was that it was cold, and wet. Of course, at the time, she did not know these terms. She knew only the feelings. Her surroundings were blurry, wavering in her weak line of vision. They were empty of any other being, parental, predatory, or otherwise. As all creatures, when they are alone in an unfamiliar environment, she stumbled off in search of comfort, half blind, and deaf for the first few hours of her life.

-Kittens are born with their eyes closed. They open them to look around their surroundings, and then close their eyes again for the majority of the rest of their life.-

Having no knowledge of how she came into this world, or where, when Josephine had fully gained the senses of sight and hearing, she found herself curled up under a bench in what she would later know as a park. The grass under her black paws was damp and spongy, with an inviting smell, the combination of which brought her to knead her tiny claws into the dirt. Immediately, she had found she disliked the feeling of dirt under her nails, and was shaking her paw out vigorously when the sound of approaching footsteps startled her.
A tall man, dressed imposingly in a dark suit, was walking closer to her, his face covered in shadows cast by a black hat. All she could see was one eye peering at her from out of the darkness—as striking a gold as her own young feline eyes—then a slow, pure-white grin. Although she had attempted to scramble back from his hand as he crouched down by the bench, she was easily pulled out from under the bench with a sharp mewl. As he cradled her to his chest, she found that he was far warmer than her surroundings, and to her own surprise, she let out a pleased purr. He returned it with a chuckle, and sat on the bench with her in his lap, absently stroking her with a gloved hand. And so she came to meet her master, whom she knew by no other name than that.
That night, he took her home, and kept her as a kitten should be kept—pampered and content on a pillow by a fire. He raised her as such for about six months, though keeping her in a firm line. She was not allowed, under any circumstances, onto the furniture, the counters, or the windowsills unless her master placed her there of his own accord. If she was to play, it was only when he wished her to—and he often liked to tease her with random bits of string, or ribbon, of some sort. In short, he kept her almost like a dog.

After the mark of six months, there came a change. While Josephine could discern nothing abnormal within her own genetic makeup, her master—a demon, in fact—could determine well that she was not all she seemed. With the intent of revealing all she was, he sent the kitten off to bed one night before the fire, and reclined in his favorite chair, watching over her. After resting peacefully for several hours, he looked up to the clock, noting that it was almost midnight. Standing to his feet, he drew from his pocket a ribbon and bell, and, slipping it over her head with more than enough room, he covered her with a blanket and murmured a few words under his breath. He watched her with a faint, dark grin as she changed before his eyes, changing from the sleek black kitten he had raised into a young girl of no more than eight years old. Her hair was long and gold, with a faint hint of pink, and her skin flawlessly pale. After tightening the collar to a comfortable, snug point about her throat, he secured her to the fireplace grate with a further length of ribbon, and retired to his room.
When she awoke in the morning, she was, to say the least, shocked. Startled, she sat up with such a jolt that she nearly strangled herself on the ribbon which now bound her in place. Mewling in displeasure, she coughed and squirmed into a comfortable position, lying still as her master entered the room. He looked at her with coldly appraising eyes that made her ears and tail duck and quiver, then laughed aloud suddenly. Presenting her with what she now considers her work outfit, he helped her dress, and, with her “leash” wrapped firmly about his fist, taught her to walk on two legs as they took a tour of the house. He had taught her many human words by this point, and so set about teaching her to speak them of her own accord. She was taught, as well, how to return to her feline form, but warned that, should she do so without his permission, she would be punished.

She adjusted quickly into her new role as his housekeeper, learning how to cook and clean without fail. He no longer coddled her, but rather would punish her if she moved a step out of line or failed in any one of her duties. To this effect, she not only perfected her housekeeping skills but her balance, flexibility, and agility; she wished, above all to please her master. As ever, she was not allowed on furniture, counters, or windowsills without his permission. Though he taught her much, her life was sheltered under the roof of his house, and confined by its walls. She was, under no circumstances, allowed to travel outside without her master, and such trips were rare at best.
Despite the restricted, albeit rich, lifestyle she led with her master, he cultured her into a fine young woman within the nine years she spent with him. Many of his habits concerning her became her favorite things, and under his guidance, she grew with a relatively balanced view of creatures and humans and their existence together. For nine years, she was his maid, and his pet. But, after nine years, things change, as they always must.

Rain pattered against the windowpane as she sat in the lone streak of light painted across the floor. It was pale and bleak, with no warmth or comfort other than its existence. The occasional streak of lightning across the gunmetal sky startled her, and the resounding roll of thunder through the empty hallway sent violent trembles through her body. Her head throbbed as she ducked it down against her knees, tucking them up to her chest. In her ribcage, her heart pulsed far too rapidly for comfort, as if it were a bird struggling to be free from its cage.
So absorbed was she in her own fear, she did not hear her master’s approach. He stood over her without a trace of pity in his eyes, his shadow the only indication of his presence. With eyes ringed by red and bruise-like bags, she looked up at him, ears pressed flat to her head and tails hidden away. Soft whimpers escaped her lips as she reached for his pants leg, scooting herself closer to him. It was not the first time she had sought out his comfort, but, in this rare moment, it was the first time he responded. Crouching, he placed his hand on back of her head and stroked her hair, rubbing her ears between his thumb and forefinger.
“Why are you sitting here, watching the storm, Kitten, if you are frightened of it?” he spoke in his soft, deep rumble.
“Because this is the only light in the room,” she replied quietly. “Everything else is dark…”
He sat in silence for a moment, as if pondering what she had said. At last, he gave his same, empty laugh—the same he had given when he first picked her up—and again lifted her into his arms. The sensations were familiar, but shocking, and she looked up with wide eyes. He had, by this time, already begun walking down the hall. The door to which he brought her, was, as well, familiar, and shocking all in the same fell swoop. It was the door to his bedroom. Upon opening it, she was greeted with the rich scent of spices which followed him at every turn, and a room bedecked in velvet and silk of black, crimson, and gold. He set her upon his bed, halting her when she tried to slide down, and gestured for her to lay where she liked.
“You’ll sleep in my room tonight, Josephine. Rest, hm?”
She flushed as he lay beside her and pressed her into the mattress, but soon, the comfort of the warm blanket assuaged her fears, and she was washed away into the sea of oblivion that is deemed “sleep” by those who are lucky enough to reach it. With the fear of the storm behind her, and the strength of her master at her side, Josephine was easily lulled into dreams. These passing fancies of sleep were as grey and shapeless as her first hours of life, but calming all the same. She slept fitfully, and deeply; nothing woke her.

That night, she had been removed from her master’s bed, and from his house all together. Placed into a box like the kitten she was found to be, she was set on the side of a road far from the location of his estate. She had not known where he had resided, nor would she know where she now was. When she awoke, if indeed she could wake from the puddle forming in her soggy cardboard box, she would find herself along the curb of a side street running through the heart of an academy created for both creatures and humans. No note was left as explanation, and no trace was left as to who had left her here. All that was left was a dorm number, typed upon a piece of cardstock, the ink running in the rain.

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrose, Josephine   Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:14 pm

Very nice and unique, poor kitty too and well thought history that was nice to read and makes me wish I hadn't rushed through my own. ^_^


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Ambrose, Josephine
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