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 Arcúeid, Nereis

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PostSubject: Arcúeid, Nereis   Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:21 pm

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~

Given Name: Nereis {Ne-re-ees}
Middle Name: Anise
Surname: Arcúeid {Ar-koo-ihd}
Appearance Age: Seventeen
Actual Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Teacher or Student?: Student

Hair Color & Style: Nereis has long, lustrous hair the shade of a rich obsidian. Regularly, she will be seen wearing it down and straight with bangs adorning her face well, though there will be times in which her hair is tied back into a ponytail or twin tails using ribbons of her choice. Nonetheless, she will never allow her hair to be braided.
Eye Color: Nereis possesses naturally sultry eyes that glow an incandescent crimson. Whether she’s around or pensive, they darken to an inky scarlet. When enraged or anxious, however, her irises lose their clarity and her pupils dilate to small beads of black, only to show the vibrant red lose what is classified as sanity.
Complexion: Nereis’ skin is supple and smooth, devoid of negative oils and imperfections.
Height: Holding her slender frame with a comfortable, proud gait, Nereis’ height is approximately 5’6” (164 Cm).
Weight: Complimenting her lithe appearance, her weight is approximately 128 lbs (58 Kg). Her muscles are lean and defined but never exaggerated; just enough to give a toned, risqué look.
Markings: Etched down the spine of Nereis are nine black-as-sin rune symbols, each the approximate size of her palm. Beginning at the nape of her neck and continuing down between her shoulder blades and into the small of her back, the markings seemed to appear only under specific but linked moments with her gift and weapon.
Apparel: Naturally, the academy's uniform and then some of her own articles of clothing such as a scarf or the like during winter.

Personality: Nereis is, by nature, a loner and prefers it that way. Her companion is Weiss and has always been. When around people, Nereis tends to keep to herself; though, by no means does that denote she’s ‘shy’. Nereis can be classified as the vision of independence; she does everything at her own discretion. Her attraction to adrenaline often causes her to find herself committing insane and nonsensical acts, such as goading a man into a fight she knows she’ll lose; the high that only adrenaline can gift to her is something that always gets her spirits up. Visibly, the human is intrepid and hard to pin, but the only attributes that remain true in almost any given situation are that she’s level-headed and rather carefree.

Nevertheless, she carries an air of control without being high-strung. Grudges, revenge, and two-faced people are things that she will rarely ever condone; rarely is not equivalent to never, however. Anyone that points a finger to a friend without just cause will receive the negative end of Nereis’ resentment. With Weiss and friends, she’s easy-going and relaxed, but alert and keen on their safety and well-being.
Talents: Photographic memory, “Eagle eyes”, and Cooking.
Habit(s): Nereis has a tendency to step into the line of fire without thought and flawlessly, taking the blame for a friend if need be. Often, she also loses herself in her thoughts; in turn, leading her to ignore others accidentally. Her most prominent habit is her unhealthy disposition to the existence of anything non-human; that is, an extreme, deliberate case of naivety.
  • Weiss ― It's a love-hate relationship.
  • Moonflowers ― Their rarity of only blooming on nights of the Full Moon make them more beautiful.
  • Adrenaline ― Not to the point of being a junkie, but, pretty damn close.
  • Alcohol ― It gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling when everything seems lost. Plus, it gets rid of everything that was a bother temporarily.
  • Writing ― A pen is a writer's strongest weapon, they say; or something along those bends. Well, she's not a writer, but a pen's pretty damn useful as a weapon.
  • Bells ― Preferably the smaller ones, these little baubles never cease to give her a sense of comfort.
  • Silver ― This love for the color was probably born the first time she witnessed mercury. Like liquid stainless steel, it was never with a flaw.
  • Fuji apples ― They're crunchy, bright, sweet, and juicy. What else could you want in a fruit?
  • Familiar faces ― Like a breath of fresh air, it's consoling.
  • Languages ― She always falls into a state of passion on this subject because its fascinating, to say the least, how beings can create a system of speech to interact with one another.
  • Blood ― Every damned thing about it. The color, the texture, the density, the stench, it all just shrieks Public Enemy No.1.
  • Psychopaths ― They're unpredictable. In a life and death kind of way.
  • Wine ― It's a taste she never really acquired.
  • Roses ― Cliché.
  • Cliques ― Not the greatest past equals not the greatest future with them.
  • Gold ― This can be blamed on her biased attraction to silver.
  • Creatures ― It's not a hate. It's not a dislike. It's an open refusal to accept their existence.
  • Weiss ― It's a love-hate relationship.
  • Chocolate ― All blamed on the aftertaste. It's putrid.
  • Crowds ― It's a natural aversion. Many unfamiliar faces in today's society, one is bound to be a psychopath.
  • Spiders ― They're creepy, crawly, hairy, and just plain ugly. Not to mention the buggers bite.
  • “Scum” ― In a nutshell, the narcissists, egoists, and power hungry bastards of society.
  • Seafood ― All of it, excluding shrimp, because shrimp is always too good to pass up.

Element: Darkness
    Gift Description: Nereis possesses the ability to transfer something or someone, including herself, at will to a different location; the location, however, is restricted only to places she has seen or experienced first hand. Her gift is highly synchronized into her emotional bounds, meaning should she ever feel frightened, her body naturally ‘jumps’ itself to a random place on the planet she's familiar of. Not to be mistaken for teleportation, Nereis can also jump other people and items as well. Albeit being able to jump more than just herself, anything more than that is strenuous on her human physique and is rarely done because it deteriorates her internal bodily functions.

Grimoire Weiss
    Weapon Description: A hovering, magical tome with the title of Grimoire Weiss serves as Nereis’ access to magical spells (known as Words to herself and Weiss). Although Nereis was the one to rescue Weiss at a young age, his motives are susceptible to negative feedback. Thus, Weiss, as well as Nereis, cannot be considered good. Nor can they be justified as ‘evil’.

    Grimoire Weiss, also known as the “White book” in German, was initially released with a coexisting partner known as Grimoire Noir, which was destroyed by himself in a lustful bout of power one thousand years ago. Weiss is the owner of the Sealed Verses, of which are incantations of astonishing power. Looking further into the personality of Weiss, he is a mysterious book of immeasurable wisdom and age that becomes a powerful ally in Nereis’ journey through life. Grimoire Weiss possesses a sharp tongue (in which an English accent accompanies) and an inflated ego, but often feigns ignorance. Whether he does this to prod at Nereis or because he simply loses interest is unknown. What is certain, however, is that he cannot stand to have his name abbreviated. He must be addressed by his full name at all times! Aside from being a talking, floating, all-knowing book with a silver tongue, Grimoire Weiss truly is the only friend Nereis will always rely on. Plus, she’s the only one that can address Weiss so casually without winning a cunning remark.

  • Grimoire Weiss.
  • Her impeccable eyesight.
  • Her unrivaled stamina and gymnastics.
  • Her sense of touch.
  • The compassion she holds for her friends.
  • Her vulgar dislike and reaction to blood.

Date of Birth: February 14th
Birth Place: London, England (Victorian Era) » Chicago, Illinois (Modern Era)
Parents: Orphaned; Ulrich & Eden Arcúeid (Deceased.)
Siblings: Remus Hiver Arcúeid (Assumed Deceased.)
History: A ruby-eyed adolescent lurched through the hellishly shady forest, muffled thumps and labored breaths the only sounds she could claim as her own. Her blood tainted and seeped down in fluid streams through a white, cotton tourniquet out of what appeared to be lacerated flesh with every pace; the manner in which the pieces alternated between raw flesh and bruised tissue gave the appearance that someone violently raked a grater across the side of the girl’s thigh. Such an injury called for nothing less than screaming and writhing, especially from a human girl; such a thing never erupted from the small, mangled body. however.

Silver starlight outstretched its touch through the lush canopy as occasional glimmers of radiance dappled the verdant and crimson ground; the girl had become lethargic and soon after decided to rest her body. With the blood that seemed to bloom like scarlet roses around the diminutive body as its half-attentive eyes reeled back and forth groggily, it appeared to be a beautiful, though disheartening sight. No doubt the girl’s final sight would be the canopy above with only the warmth of her life staining her peachy, virginal skin. That is, if a hysterically laughing figure didn’t lift her out of her leafy coffin and into the dry air by her throat.

Mercilessly, the fanged man’s blood drenched claws wrapped and dug into the flesh of the girl’s neck as she stifled the impulse to vomit what little was in her stomach; pain was no longer pain. The ability to register what ‘pain’ was, both physically and psychologically, were now foreign to the adolescent. Only once did the bile rise to cover for what her physical body could substitute for extreme pain. Aside from the mutilated wound on the length of her thigh, her ankle was limp in an unsettling angle and most of her shoulder, neck and upper arm were plastered with sweltering burns that were now beginning to drip an inky red substance and pus. As what could only be deemed as a vampire by the female, the creature brought the frail body closer as it whispered in a devilish tongue words that somehow were understood by her. Sinful words.

“Why do you not scream, girl? I slowly tortured the two sacks of flesh that birthed and raised you… I massacred and mutilated your brother and you! But, the only thing I got from you was… a whimper…? A whimper?! The rumbling tenor hacked out disturbingly as his entire frame shook with rage that was quickly consuming him. His tall, firm body was wrapped in a black trench coat and his head was covered with a matching fedora. His expression continued to twitch between deranged and and mentally unstable while his free hand formed a vice grip around a serrated knife he had slowly begun to bring towards the girl's face.

As unimportant as the vampire was to her right now, her mind detached itself with a click from the bleak world that deemed itself reality. As her mind wavered between then and now, the cold metal blade had already begun to trail across her cheek and eyebrow, the warm, iron-scented blood caking the eye underneath so there was no other choice but to close it. Vibrant flashes of thirteen years past wrenched and lit up before her subconscious, and as her life was reeling through, only once did it pause to a ‘normal’ speed for her mind’s eye. The setting was a field of wheat that swayed pleasantly with the breezes and sunlight above. In the field were four figures, through only two were running around joyfully. The other two were smiling, clearly amused, and with intertwined hands. The cavorting ones were young, maybe eight at best; they were beautiful children. With a head of long, buoyantly tumbling obsidian tresses, strikingly contrasting scarlet irises, and flawless, smooth porcelain skin, the girl was nothing less than breathtaking. The boy, almost identical in appearance, carried himself with strength and modesty all the same. Undoubtedly, the children had attained their locks and eyes from their father, but everything else on the girl was property of her mother. As the father gained a charming, albeit sinister smirk, he released the hand of his lover to join his children’s side, suddenly sweeping the girl up into his arms and up into the air.

“Put me down~!” The young voice whined with a giggle.

“You know I don’t take orders well.” Her father teased coolly.

“I do not fathom how; you are a man of war!” She said.

“Fathom? Goddamn, did you pick up that dictionary again?” He breathed with an air of annoyance as his grip simply loosened on his child, letting gravity do the rest.

As the little girl’s body thumped on the soft bed of wheat, she grumbled and shot a scowl up at his face, which was only returned by a prideful smirk of his own. Even with their father, the boy never seemed to pull his watchful gaze from his sister as he met her side to help her up, laughing all the while at the sight of tails of wheat caught in her hair. “I did, father. Though, you should not damn God. That’s blasphemous, sacrilegious. Not to mention heretical and ampeeous.” She mumbled childishly.

“Alright, I’m sorry. I’ll atone tonight at mass and ask for forgiveness. Ah, Nereis, the word’s impious.” He chuckled as he hoisted his son up onto his shoulders and picked his daughter from the golden wheat up into his arms.

From her father’s arms, the view was soothing. Everything was visible. Her mother, her father, their home past the cobblestone roads… she felt safe. The dream of that day continued until her peace was ripped from her without mercy as the vampire violently jostled her body back into the bitter reality. There was no more golden fields of wheat, there was no more father and mother, no more Remus, her caring, kind and sarcastic sibling, no more dictionary, no more home. Like a slap across the face, though one that hit harder than any palm ever physically could, tears began stinging the corners of her eyes. With one blind, the tears streamed down the adolescent’s face as the realization finally trapped itself in her mind with an iron grip; everything that she once recognized, knew, and loved were gone.

“You… something like you… should not be allowed such an elegance as to burn in Hell…” Her young voice belted and choked as she forced her words out of the deepest corners of her heart. “You deserve worse… far worse!” Her final words shattered along with her will to stay strong as she began crying, hiccups taking over into sobs as the vampire crouched and slammed her body back into the bloody mess underneath, two sickening cracks bellowing out through the branches.

One clearly belonged to the girl as her formerly good arm twitched and convulsed in what would have felt to be excruciating pain. The arm had slammed against a blunt root so hard that most of the bones in said arm fractured. The other crack, though, was unfamiliar.

Something was off and the raven-haired girl knew it. The frenzied hilarity that the vampire should have shown to her broken limb was nowhere to be heard. Instead, a gurgling snarl came out of the leech’s maw as it suddenly convulsed so hard that the body knocked itself to the floor. Within seconds, the man was screaming and clawing at his own arms wildly, his nails ripping off hunks of his own marble flesh, as if it were softened butter. To this, the teenager began to drag her body away with her usable arm, the occasional grunt or flurry of what was reminiscent to pain causing her body to twitch.

As if Heaven-sent, a blinding white light physically pierced the creature point blank through the head as it fragmented and blew apart; the light shot through the girl’s eyes, though not literally. Within seconds, everything seemed a paradox. It was so bright, it looked dark, and it was so deafening, it was unnervingly silent; the elapsed time was so rapid, it felt leisurely. Though this feeling was only recognized for a moment before a feminine voice cried out in horrifying fear. She couldn’t see! Quickly recoiling to this thought, her scorched hand struck out at the ground to grip for anything familiar. Spongy earth filled the spaces between her fingers as she exhaled shakily, blinking repeatedly, though to no avail as nothing but cloudy darkness erased her vision.

“Is this God’s way of showing me that such a place worse than Hell exists? Because now… I’m fucking blind… She drawled spitefully as a gust of wind blew over her feverish body. “I believe my real question though, is… how am I still alive?”

“Because I saved your life, child. What say you? No gratitude? Bah—begotten hussy…” A deep voice with an Olde accent spat out.

“Ah, yes, then I thank you for allowing my mangled shell of a body to suffer for a few more min-”

“Silence! It is most splendid for you that I generously repaired your human body, so do show gratitude.” The same unknown voice haughtily called out.

Hearing of such news, the girl erratically raised the upper limb that was previously broken to run her fingers over what now appeared to be unblemished skin. While her widened scarlet eyes observed the amazing clarity of her own skin that felt foreign even to herself, not a single wound was to be found anywhere; not on her shoulders, not on her neck, nor on her thigh or in her ankle, and most certainly not in her eyes.

“And to what name do I… express my gratitude to?” Her voice placidly questioned.

“To none other than Grimoire Weiss!”

“Grim-war Vice?”

“Grim. Moire. Weiss.” He drawled with an exasperated sigh and a click of the tongue.

“Weiss, then. I can see, though I cannot see you. Why is that?” Her voice gained more clarity with each word as she slowly stood herself up. Although everything appeared perfect, something was strange with her sense of touch. As if it weren’t there.

“Insolent youth! My name is not to be abbreviated! It is Grimoire Weiss! Nothing less, nothing more!” He shouted out with an air of pride and a prick of annoyance, his English accent contorting the dialogue of some words.

“Weiss…” She exhaled, as if she were a mother finally fed up with telling a child to cease hiding.

As the clear voice of the female murmured the abbreviated name purposefully, Weiss easily – and rather naively – took the bait. His body, a hovering tome bedecked with silver intricate designs and red leather, took the stage exactly three feet away from the scarlet-eyed girl, his voice thunderous.

“It is Grimoire Weiss! Nothing less, nothing more! After a few seconds of silence, an owl’s hoot broke the silence as his tone cooled over and returned to its self-important pitch. “Hm, now, what is your name, girl?”

“My name is Nereis.” She spoke.

“Nereis. Very well, Nereis. Have you any payment?” He questioned.

“Payment for? Fixing my body? She spat suddenly, venom slightly dripping from her words.

“Why, but of course! Come then, hussy, what payment have you? Eh?” As he spoke, he hovered a foot closer, what appeared to be his eyes actually narrowing.

“I have nothing but the clothes on my back and my name. I doubt my clothes will serve your… bindings… useful.”

“Such. Insolence! Dear God, have mercy on your soul.” Weiss hummed a moment afterward as he fell into thought of what the girl could offer. Suddenly, he gave a sigh as his body shook side to side slightly, as if a human were shaking its head. “Very well. For the recompose of the restoration of your human vessel, you will grant me your company.”

“Alright, Weiss.~” She gave a grin as she took a step forward to curiously examine the volume that could both levitate and speak.

Shortly thereafter, Nereis and Weiss emerged from the forestry ‘calmly discussing’ what their future would hold; ‘calmly discussing’ code for shouting, cussing and even a few thrown punches, on Nereis’ behalf. An education for Nereis, knowledge that cannot be attained by words for Weiss, and an endless amount of hatred, new encounters, and rarest of all – friendship, for the both of them.

Within the span of a year, Nereis and Weiss had gone through much as one; robbery, fighting, etc. Today’s argument would not go over well for the both of them, though. As Weiss’ voice droned on in the background about how finding a solid form of shelter ‘was of the utmost necessity’, the fourteen year old’s voice cracked like a whip against her comrade’s say-so.

“Get your head out of your goddamn ass, Weiss! If you do not, the only thing your body will ever be useful for is a fucking campfire!” As her chest lifted and fell in her uncontrolled fit of rage, Weiss’ eyes narrowed on the girl as he floated closer to the girl, now only an inch away from her face. With anger constricting her delicate facial features, Weiss’ body suddenly lunged forward to ram Nereis onto her backside as his pages began fluttering. With a groan and an inward promise to rip his pages out one by one later, the physical appearance of the part they were in – Hyde Park – began to turn black and white. With a snap of his cover, everything that appearance black turned white and vice versa.

“Weiss! …Weiss! Nereis hands shot out to snatch the book from the air. Her scarlet eyes began darting around the scenery and only one thing caught her eye; a hummingbird was hovering over a buttercup. Though, the disturbing part was… the hummingbird’s wings were flapping with extreme tardiness, one flap of its wings taking about four seconds.

A piercing sound rang through the air as Nereis’ hands quickly released Weiss to cover her own ears, and just as her eyes shut and reopened, both of their bodies were sitting in the middle of a busy road with cars honking and swerving, their tires squealing in protest against the asphalt. Quickly picking up a groaning Weiss, Nereis stumbled onto a busy sidewalk, her eyes wildly looking to and fro over the new place. Pulling herself up to her feet, a newspaper stand was within eyesight. So, taking Weiss into her arms, her body avoided the hustling crowds as her eyes read something dreadful and highly impossible. The title read “Obama’s Ways – Putting Chicago and the Twenty-first Century in the Shitter.”

Unsure of what to make of this, Nereis’ heartbeat began to quicken as she took a few steps back and began running against the flow of traffic, her vision blurring and hazing countless times. Weiss… wake up. Please wake up… Without reason, tears began dripping onto her shirt and down her face, her cheeks flushing a slight red and her eyes shut tightly. In times like this, all she wanted was her brother’s comforting hug and her parents’ gentle words, but thinking of such things was a waste of time.

*History subject to addition by revision.*

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)

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PostSubject: Re: Arcúeid, Nereis   Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:27 pm

Let's watch (Not literally) the gift and weapon but both were well thought out so I think things should be fine really ^_^

Well written history, it was nice to read :3
Please enjoy the site


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Arcúeid, Nereis
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