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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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 Gawain, Caedan

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PostSubject: Gawain, Caedan   Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:13 pm

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~

Given Name: Caedan
Middle Name: Aaeren
Surname: Leaflight
Appearance Age: 17
Actual Age: 129
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Teacher or Student? (or Neither) Student

Hair Color & Style: His hair is silver or cream colored (depending on the light) He wears it loose and flowing down to his shoulders and occasionally ties it back, but hardly ever.
Eye Color: Aqua
Complexion: Relatively smooth and pale
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159
Markings: He has a small tattoo in the middle of the back of his neck that is hidden by either his clothing or his hair that resembles three knotted circles intertwined. He also has black chains up his arms that are an eerie inky black. His tattoos, all, glow a light green when he calls upon his natural energies as an elf to do his talents or utilize his ability.
Apparel: He wears black clothing with natural markings on the sleeves of his shirt. The undershirt is long-sleeved and of a silky, lightweight material. Over the shirt, he wears a sleeveless jacket that buttons over itself in the front. He typically wears boot-cut black jeans or black slacks of a light material not unlike his undershirt. His shoes are elven-made boots that make no sound as he walks or moves. There are mithril chains on his clothing that look like they are made to be stylish, but they can easily be used to secure someone or something easily.

Personality: Like most elves, Caedan is a quieter individual, disliking loud noises or the hustle and bustle of the city. He can be kind to those he chooses, but to most he is unfamiliar with, he remains aloof and uncaring of their worries or problems. Caedan will always care for the nature around him before he will care for any living, breathing being. To avoid giving away too much, the rest of his personality will remain a mystery. So that those who choose to meet him can unravel the deeper pieces of his personality.
Talents: Silent Movement, Swordsmanship, Natural Remedies/Concoctions
Habits: Silence
  • Forests
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Those whom he knows from his past
  • Gawain (his blade)
  • Silence
  • Perfection
  • Deadliness
  • Playing Cards
  • A well-told joke
  • Loud Noises
  • Being in the city for too long
  • Crowds
  • Gambling
  • Disregard for nature
  • Purposeful destruction of nature
  • Inaccuracy
  • Revenge
  • Cold Chocolate
  • Self-centered or Selfish individuals

Element: Air
Gift: Elven Lore
    Gift Description: Caedan has had much instruction in the lore of the elves. Thus, he has learned to sense the flow of natural energies in any living thing. Caedan may manipulate the flow of energies to cease movement of a particular thing, or hit a point that makes one more limber and able to use more energy. By increasing or decreasing the flow of natural energies to a certain area of a living thing, he can better understand how natural energy responds to his touch. (For instance, he could tap a point in a person's arm, and make it unable to be used, or tap a point in that same arm, that could increase the flow of energy to make it more limber and flexible in its movements. For you Naruto fans, this is the Gentle Fist technique used by those with the Byakugan) A more in depth explanation of his ability is here
Weapon: Gawain
    Weapon Description: Gawain is a short sword with a thicker, rounded hilt. The weapon is made completely of mithril, meaning it is unbendable, unbreakable, and completely nullifies all elemental attempts to alter it (i.e Cannot conduct electricity, heat up, freeze, etc.) The blade itself is rather simple. It is exactly two and one half feet feet in length, the hilt being an extra nine inches, but 3 inches in diameter at the base.

  • Lore
  • Subtlety
  • Speed
  • Low Voice
  • Loud Noise
  • Slightly Forgetful

Date of Birth: February 29
Birth Place: Caoimhe
Parents: Orphan
Siblings: None to speak of
History: Caedan's life was one that began under ill tidings, but turned into a life of his own choosing and destiny. His parents were taken from him while on a hunt of a black Pegasus. They were brought back to the village trampled to death with their vital organs having failed. However, there were no entry wounds, or signs of their bodies being cut open in any way. Thus, there was a huge mystery as to their organs failing. Despite this, Caedan continued going to school, and over the years, he learned to get past his parents' death while he learned his elven lore. Over the years, he learned to hunt, treat his animals with respect, and work with the rest of the village; backing them up no matter whether they were wrong, or right. His village was always the priority. At the age of 50 (rather young for the elves), Caedan was the one chosen for the century to live among the humans. Of course, he had no idea what he was in for. He was sent to go to a human school, and he was forced to start in what they called "High School". He hated every second of how the people in the school acted at first. They were so arrogant, disrespectful, and extremely selfish. In his class, he had a few typical "jocks", some "cheerleaders" which he saw as girls that were made to be the mates of the "jocks", and then various different "groups". They called Caedan "emo" because of his dark garb, but as he had no idea what that meant, he shrugged it off. Caedan picked up the curriculum rather quickly where most of the humans struggled. There was one girl who managed to keep up with him, and she didn't have one of those generic hume names either. (Hume is short for human in the elven world). Nereis was her name, and she immediately caught his attention for her hardworking tendencies that were so seldom seen by Caedan. He didn't take his interest much further than simply attempting to befriend her for the fact that she seemed not to return any type of affection. He determined that hume behavior typically called for a rise in hormones around someone they wished to be their mate. Since he didn't sense this, he didn't bother. In the elven world, the females made all the first moves. This small episode in his life was called his Purgatory. He neither hated, nor enjoyed it, much like the rest of his life. At the end of their "junior" year, Nereis and Caedan were at the top of their class. They were chosen, by the administration, to be sent to a far off Academy full of "different" creatures other than human. Nereis seemed not to believe that was possible, but the administration seemed sincere in their want to better human-creature relations, and Caedan knew it to be true. They were sent off to this Academy, and Caedan could only hope for the best in this endeavor. His only hope was that he could keep Nereis safe. For she was the sole person he could depend on and trust in this Academy full of strangers and new places.

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)
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PostSubject: Re: Gawain, Caedan   Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:32 pm

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Gawain, Caedan
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