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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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 Vlad Serpentine(WIP)

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Vladimir Serpentine
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PostSubject: Vlad Serpentine(WIP)   Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:19 am

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~


Given Name: Vladimir(vlad)
Middle Name: Marcus
Surname: Serpentine
Appearance Age: 21
Actual Age: 5467
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire/Demon
Sexual Orientation: He enjoys the companionship of beautiful women. Young or old (not wrinkly old). The beauty and intellect of the women attract him. So he is straight.

Teacher or Student? (or Neither) Teachers

Hair Color & Style: It is long black hair. He tends to keep it in a pony tail. The hair remains loose and hangs out making it seem like he has medium length hair. Sometimes he will even hide his pony tail to make it seem like it.
Eye Color: Pale white but they seem to give of a glow in the light moon and sun alike.
Complexion: Extremely pale almost white as a ghost.
Height: 6,2
Weight: 200 lb
These markings cover his torso so he tends to keep his body covered. He was born with them and no matter what he tries they won’t go away.
Apparel: He normal wears a pair of black jeans or dress pants they are loose enough to provide free movement and flexibility without risking them ripping. He wears black dress socks because they are comfortable and he wears boots they are stylish with his attire so there not combat boots but they are made for the same purpose. Next he wears a very tight black muscle shirt that shows off his body. This is under his button up shirt and coat.

The shirt is dark grey and rimed with red down the area he buttons it. The shirt also has a color which is solid white making it very fancy looking. The coat is very long and black with a white trim. The coat is also ripped at the bottom as if from a fight or being over worn. The edges of the coat at the hands are turned up and pinned with cufflinks making it seem very fancy. On his left arm he has a blood stained wrap. It is almost completely red because it has been marked with every person’s blood Vladimir has ever killed. He also wears a red cape which because where he is from it is a sign of class. He attaches it to the trench right under the collar. He also wears black gloves on his hands to keep them covered from getting stained with blood or any other substance and they work wonders for not leaving finger prints. And finally he wears a top hat.

Personality: Very different form most people. He tends to walk alone among the people of the school only speaking openly to people he knows or wishes to know. He is very clam and almost always has a small smirk or smile on his face. He really feels very few emotions but all the same time he feels them all just on a much lower level than the normal person. When people die there family cries he just wishes them a safe passage. His long life has made him understanding of all the surrounds things that hurt most people. He understands no matter who he loves they will die eventually even if he lives for ever.

He does tend to flirt with girls in public but that’s because well the years get lonely. Searching for love or lust is something to keep his time occupied as he awaits the approaching doom. Alnoe on the other hand he is very clam and collected the smile he normal bares passes away and he enjoys the quiet while he can before having to continue his work.

During work as the teacher at the academy he is very stern and strict but fun loving. He enjoys challenging the students to games and puzzles. He himself watches as they may spar or even play chess which ever he feels would entertain him that day. On the side note anger is not felt by him but the closest thing is when he is hungry. When he wants blood he will not smile and his eyes turn bright red and he loses it. He attacks and eats the closest creature to him he does not care what race they are. He normally keeps a blood supply in his room so he does not have to give in to this. This hunger is only when he does not eat for long periods of time which is normally when he is dealing with a deep seated pain or training for something.

Talents: Singing:
Playing Stringed instruments(guitar, violin, piano, etc.):
Habits: {At least one bad habit}

  • {More can be added}

  • {More can be added}

Element: {Pick One}
Gift: {Only one}
    Gift Description: {Include advantages and disadvantages of it}
Weapon: {Only one}
    Weapon Description:


  • {More can be added. Keep even with Weaknesses. These refer to the character.}

  • {More can be added. Keep even with Strengths. These refer to the character.}

Date of Birth: {Month and Day only}
Birth Place:

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)
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Vlad Serpentine(WIP)
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