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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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 Pre/Set Skills

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PostSubject: Pre/Set Skills   Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:11 pm

As you all know, the site has different races and with different races comes different views on how people see them. Some may see some races able to do one thing, others may see it a different way. Below you will find a list of races that are on the site and it will tell what they are and what set skills they have. If you have questions about a race or think a race should have another skill, PM Evangeline or Ceres, give your reasoning clearly, just don't say something because you want to.

If you have any questions, PM Evangelin or Ceres and they will be answered and posted on here so that others will know in case some have the same question.

The list of races is in alphabetical order hopefully.

Please do not reply to this topic.

One star ( * ) means that it is basically or actually is a copy and paste of some of the information from this site: So credit goes to the ones who wrote it.

Two stars ( ** ) means it came from the same site above but something that was thought of that wasn't on the site was added to it.

No stars means that either we, the admins, don't know or recall where it came from or that we thought of a description for the race ourselves or from the members of the site. If there is one with no stars and information is like that from a mythical creature site, wiki, etc, please let an admin know so we can look.

*Amonders - Amonders are creatures that highly resemble humans so are able to easily lure humans into their grasp so they can strike. They are extremely strong but move at average speed. Males are known but not always wear torn pants but no shirt while females wear torn pants and small shirt. They have a keen since of smell and the males hate usually hate men while the females usually hate other women.
    Set Abilities:
    • Extreme Strength
    • Keen since of smell
    • Can lure those of the opposite gender over to them (depending on strength (Will wise) and level of other person)

*Angels - Angels often appear to people in the shape of humans of extraordinary beauty, and often are not immediately recognized as angels. They have white wings so that they can fly through the air and some of high rank can make themselves partically transparent, making some believe that they are a ghost. They can still be physically touched however and since they are only partially transparent, they can still be seen.
    Set Abilities:
    • Flight
    • Able to know if someone has 'bad' or 'evil' intention
    • Able to heal light wounds {i.e. Scratches; Small, Shallow Cuts; Bruises}
    • High rank angels can make themselves partially transparent.

**Crusniks - A special type of vampire who feeds on the blood of other vampires. You can only be born a Crusnik, it is impossible to be only half.
    Set Abilities:
    • A 'bond' that prevents vampires from biting them without their 'wholehearted' permission {Meaning the vampire cannot use mind control or anything on them.}
    • More Strength than a vampire
    • Mind Speech with other crusniks or vampires
    • Can change into a bat, spider, red mist {For transportation only}, or butterfly [idea came from a manga and legends]

*Demons - Demon is a very general term. There can be multiple different kinds of demons such as Hell Demons, Dimensional Demons, Earth's Demons, etc. So if you think something goes under the demon category, let us know and we'll add it. (If you think that your demon should have different set skills because of any reason, please let Ceres know so that it can be discussed. Due to the general term, different sub-categories for demons can be added.)
    Set Abilities:
    • Abnormal Strength and Speed
    • Able to see souls/spirits/ghosts
    • Have a second form.

*Elves - Elves are often pictured as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty living in forests and other natural places, underground or in wells and springs. They have been portrayed to be long-lived or immortal and they have magical powers attributed to them.
    Set Abilities:
    • Cannot fall ill.
    • Heighten hearing
    • Mental Barrier [keeps mind from being read without permission and prevents mind control]

Humans - Your almost average real world being.
    Set Abilities:
    • Can use an element {Since it wouldn't be fair to tell them they can't in the app.}
    • Can see spirits {Yeah, abnormal humans but oh well.}

Hunters - A being who hunts another race. This can also be seen as just an occupation.
    Set Abilities:
    • Able to identify other races though Hybrids are hard due to mixed blood
    • High speed

Hybrids - One who has been born part one race and part another. You cannot be half crusnik.
    Set Abilities:
    • Depends on the mix but they do not match up to one who is a full blood easily
      However most have...
    • High Speed
    • High Strength

*Merfolk - Merfolk are aquatic creatures with the head, torso, and arms of a human and a tail of a fish taking over the lower half. Females are called mermaids while the males are called mermen.
    Set Abilities:
    • Can swim very quickly
    • Breath under water
    • Communication with aquatic creatures

M'Laniri - The M'Laniri are a Race of Magi-Warriors. They Harness the Elements with the ability of An Angel, and are more suited for Long Ranged Weapons. The MagiWarriors of this group are aloud one spell that isn't in their element to use as well.
    Set Abilities:
    • Flight
    • Excellent marksmanship
    • Able to heal light wounds {i.e. Scratches; Small, Shallow Cuts; Bruises}
    • MagiWarriors get one spell outside their element range.

Shape Shifters - One who can change their appearance into that of another, including their voice.
    Set Abilities:
    • Able to change their appearance but not gain all the abilities {i.e. If they can change into an angel, they'd be able to fly but that's all they'd get from that.}

Undead - An animated corpse.
    Set Abilities:
    • Can't really feel pain
    • Won't die of blood lose

*Vampires - Vampires are reanimated corpses that have a hard time under bright, direct sunlight. They grow fangs when they are hungry or angry to feed on the blood of the 'living.'
    Set Abilities:
    • Able to heal and/or increase their speed or strength by drinking one's blood
    • Abnormal Strength/Speed
    • Heightened Senses
    • Can change into a bat, spiders, or butterflies [idea came from a manga and legends]

Were-Beasts - One who can appear human at times but can also turn into the form of a kind of 'animal' or 'beast'
    Set Abilities:
    • Heightened Senses
    • Able to change into their beast form
    • Increased Abilities during a full moon

*Witches/Warlocks - Witches, being female, and Warlocks, being male, are beings who have a strong level of magic. They are good with herbs for potions as well.
    Set Abilities:
    • Mental Barriers [Blocks mind reading unless they want to let someone in and mind control.]
    • Can gain a Second Element when strong enough {Deemed by an admin}
    • Can use non-elemental magic


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Pre/Set Skills
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