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This is a school founded by a family of vampires, they fixed it up and has allowed not only vampires, but other races to join. so WELCOME ALL!!
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Don't RP until your character has been approved. Follow the guide lines.
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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:40 pm

Basic Rules

Rule #2. You must respect ALL of the Admins, even if they get on your nerves, ALWAYS respect them.

Rule #3. you MUST have a picture of what your character looks like in a spoiler in your signature. And if you have another form, say you were a werewolf, then you would have to have a picture of the wolf form in a spoiler in the signature as well.

Rule #4. Swearing. You MAY swear..just do not over use it.

Rule #5. Sexual Contact. Please...for the sake of others, don't do anything extreme to show affections or whatever. That would be TOO MUCH to show in an RP.

Rule #6. We Admins are NOT slaves to the users.

Acceptance Rules
  • When a new member makes their character app...ALL admins require having their own "Accepted" picture when they accept that member.

  • Admins are NOT to put users into groups until their application is accepted.

New Topics
Users must have permission from an admin to make different topics that are places to RP at. The admin will then either make it or tell the user whose idea it was to make it and then edit the post, adding in that they approve it. If a member is found lying about an admin approving their topic and is found out, they will be get a warning or banned for a small amount of time, depending on if they have gotten warnings before.

Members should PM the admin Ceres when they have sparred/battled against someone so that the fight can be looked over. Points will be awarded then. The PM should include:
[b]Where:[/b] {type here.  Where the fight was.}
[b]URL:[/b] {Type here.  Link to the fight.}
[b]Length:[/b] {Type here. How many pages it was.}
[b]Fighters:[/b] {Type here. Who all was in the fight.}

If a user has been inactive for two months without telling an admin prior to the inactivity that they would be gone, their character application and techniques if posted were moved to an inactive section. Once an admin has seen the user get on the site again, their things will be moved back to the usual sections.

Multiple RP Appearance/Places
1.)When you are RP-ing, you are only allowed to rp in 1 or 2 places, no more. If I catch someone in more than 2 places at once, then that person will get a warning. If I catch that same someone again, posting in more than 2 places, they will get banned for at least 4 to 5 days, and when unbanned, if caught again, then that someone will be banned for 2 weeks. Do I make myself clear?

2.)When leaving an area, you must, and I repeat, you MUST, put at the end of the post that you are leaving the topic. Example: ((leaves topic)). If you choose not to do so, then I will automatically assume you are still in that topic along with other area's as well, which leads to warnings and then which leads to being banned.

Multiple Characters
You may have more than one character but an admin MUST be informed prior to the character's creation (meaning before the account is made) and the admin must have responded to the notice before creation. When the new character has been made, you may not RP with yourself unless another member is in the area with your characters.

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