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 A Wolf's Delimma

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PostSubject: A Wolf's Delimma    Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:50 pm

A cool breeze soared through the woods, the leaves swayed beautifully, the water gently rippled as the wind passed over the surface. dried out leaves rustled and flew, traveling with the gust. A not so young man took in a deep breath of the clean and crisp air around him. His lips curled into a smile, his eyes slowly closing as he leaned back into a mossy tree. The air was chilly, and froze his lungs with each breath he took. The man opened his eyes and looked up at the cloudy morning sky. "Beautiful." he whispered to no one. The young man turned his attention to the men that currently laid curled up in the snow, they weren't dead, just knocked out. Jared scoffed at the men and pushed himself off of the tree, He walked slowly away from the three down hunters. They'd awaken soon before they'd freeze. He breathed in the cold air again, filling his lungs and slowly exhaled. The feeling was intoxicating to him, the metal of his fatigues had frozen onto his skin hours ago, his jacket had frosted over since the morning dew had come and gone. But he still felt warm, he knew he would not die even if he were naked. The woods were his domain. Jared started running, his legs carried him faster and farther. The chilled air, smacking his face, but he pressed on.

He jumped up over a fallen tree, his hand lightly brushed against the snow, causing the snow to fall. He laughed as landed and kept running without missing a beat. He ran for several more yards before stopping and collapsing face first into the snow. He laughed and rolled around in it, enjoying the feel and the ground he laid on. "Refreshing..." he sighed to himself. The ground was comfortable, but he knew he could not stay there for long. He needed to keep moving, those hunters were not going to be out forever, and they were going to go after whatever it was that stopped them from killing a bear cub. Jared slowly stood and wiped the snow off from his jeans and jacket. He grinned and closed his eyes, he began to run, his pace quickening with each step that hit the ground. He opened them quickly, his white hues turned golden and fur started to cover his entire body. The fur was white and think. His face extended into a muzzle, his teeth grew. A tail erupted from his back and his feet turned into paws.

Jared smirked in his mind, the morphing into a great and proud wolf was something he cherished above all else. He shook his body, the fur swaying back and forth with the motions his body took. He walked forward, away from the spot in the snow he had covered, he knew it was more difficult to cover his tracks in his wolf form, but he did not care. It was faster, and he could use his animalistic instincts better. He sniffed the air and turned right, he smelled something sweet and something burning all at the same time. 'Campers, excellent." he thought. He ran quickly towards the fire he knew with the environment the way it was at this time, that hunter could not be burning down the forest, but camping out. He stopped running and slowly walked towards the camp as he got closer. He grinned in his mind, awaiting the perfect moment to attack.
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PostSubject: Re: A Wolf's Delimma    Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:55 pm

Inoto sat there, not even supposed to be in the forest, but knowing this was one of the few non-elf spots, so they couldn't touch him. He began to make a barrier of Thorns, and Earth Spikes.
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A Wolf's Delimma
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