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 Neko, Kuro

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Kuro Neko
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PostSubject: Neko, Kuro   Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:51 pm

~You don't have to be a vampire to join~

Given Name: Kuro
Middle Name: ---
Surname: Neko
Appearance Age: 16-17
Actual Age: 2248 or more {Since the first leap year/Feb. 29}
Gender: Female
Race: Neko Demon
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Teacher or Student? Student

Hair Color & Style: Kuro's hair color is suppose to be about a coal black but depending on the lighting, her hair can appear to look like dark gray or light gray. Kuro puts her hair up in pigtails or in a kind of ponytail, which even up in pigtails or tied back her hair reaches past her waist. She holds up her pigtails or ponytail usually with big red ties. Her hair is slightly unevenly cut and she has some hair framing her face. Her bangs go around her eyes and between them.
Eye Color: Kuro's eyes are a cat's golden yellow.
Complexion: Her skin is a flawless, soft pale peachy shade.
Height: She stands at four feet and eleven inches.
Weight: She weights around ninety-five pounds
Markings: ---
Apparel: Kuro will usually wear a top with a gray collar with a tie that's crimson shade. The sleeveless top has crimson colored hem around the bottom and top, usually worn unbuttoned near the bottom. The sleeves are separate and puff a bit at the shoulder with crimson lines around them, running down. The sleeves also have a crimson hem. She wears a kind of school girl uniform skirt that is also black but it has the bottom laced with about an inch of crimson. Under the skirt is a pair of short black shorts however as well so she can move around freely. She wears black boots that go up to mid-thigh. These, too, have crimson hem. Her boots have little to no heel but they're black and easy to move in. This is Kuro Neko's usual appearal.

Personality: Kuro Neko is usually a seemingly carefree and easy going demon. Upon first meeting people she'll talk to them and try to learn maybe a little bit about them. This is because she's trying to find out if she needs 'deliver' bad luck. However, if she ends up becoming friends with that person she'll do almost anything to protect them as a reaction from always being alone and searching for people that she could be with and call 'friends'. She's very open with her emotions, rather it's love, anger, sadness....she'll show them all to whoever's there or if no one's there. Should she fall in love with someone, she'll protect them before strangers, friends, even herself but only if she thinks that love is true. If she believes she loves someone and finds out that they were only 'messing' with her 'black' heart, love would morph into hatred and she'd probably not try to kill them...yet....but make their very life bad luck. She hates it when people mess with her emotions so it's just not if she a person she thinks she loves and they pretend to feel the same and end up 'breaking' her heart, it's for anyone that messes with any of her emotions. Kuro Neko likes to cause mischief at times.
Talents: Gymnastics, Musical Arts, Art Work
Habits: Giving someone bad luck by accident and losing her attention on one thing and giving that attention to something else.
  • Milk
  • Yarn
  • Apples {Green}
  • Cats
  • Teddy Bears
  • High Places
  • Dogs
  • Vegetables
  • Losing
  • Cages
  • Leashes
  • 'Prey' getting away

Element: Lightning
Gift: Bad Luck
    Gift Description: Using the different superstitions, Kuro is able to make magic from them, causing what would make people who really only suspect that bad luck may happen, it will happen. Examples of these superstitions would be like a Black Cat crossing your path, breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, stepping on a crack, etc.
Weapon: Hades
    Weapon Description: Gloves that seem like they have claws with them on each finger however, there are wires that will not snap or break which come off each 'claw'. Each wire is sharp enough to cut metal just as the 'claws' are. Hades is named after the ancient Greek underworld, the abode of Hades and the god of the underworld, Hades.

  • Reflexes---Much like the saying 'Cat like reflexes', Kuro Neko can respond to things quickly.
  • Cat Eyes---Her name isn't Black Cat for nothing. Her eyes are much like a cat's, having a 20/20 vision in each eye, she can see clearly and easily tiny movements and things in the distance. She can also see semi-clearly in dark places almost like a cat can.
  • Speed/Agile---Kuro has an extreme amount of speed which if she pushes to limits she can move almost in blurs but it takes energy to move that quickly. She can easily keep up with people like vampires or run from the ground to keep up with angels who are in the air. {you get the point}
  • Cat senses---Her senses are much like that of a cats, besides her sight being like that of a cat with extreme sight, her hearing, smell, taste, etc are like that of a cat's.
  • Stubborn---Because of her stubbornness she can seem to have a high pain tolerance. Her stubbornness also makes her not want to quit which can put her life in danger.
  • Physical Strength---Despite her abnormal speed, her strength is only average.
  • Temper---Like a cat, she can have an easy temper and can go off at simple things.
  • Cat Nip---She likes cat nip and it can distract her at times.

Date of Birth: February 29
Birth Place: Hell
Parents: None
Siblings: None
History: Classified

Based off template designed by Bliss on

(Special thanks to Ceres for taking the time to put together this Character template. And Welcome to Vampire Academy.)
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PostSubject: Re: Neko, Kuro   Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:03 am

The day I died, was also, the day That I started to live.
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Neko, Kuro
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