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 First few pages of my book.

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Seth Littlewolf
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PostSubject: First few pages of my book.   Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:24 pm

Prelude to Wild Spirit

As Seth Littlewolf ran in fear of the beast behind him, he noticed that the beast smelled strange, like a dog smelled after a shower, “What are you?” He asked fearful of what was happening to him. A ripping noise started and fur flew everywhere as he watched a Wolf transform into a young man close to his age. “I my friend am a shape shifter, same as you.” Seth stared in awe of what happened next, Seth exploded and as fur flew around him coalescing into a wolf beast he thought ‘What is happening?’ And suddenly he was a gigantic chocolate brown wolf, about six foot two in height, and as broad across the back as a Kentucky race horse. ‘What have you done to me?

The man answered with another question, “What are you going to do now that you have this gift?” Seth was stunned, he had thought stuff like this happened only in fairy tales, ‘Fix this, or I will kill you!’ he said furiously. The young man just stood there looking as if this was something he saw everyday, “Well, your going to find that hard my friend, cause in case you don’t remember, I am a shape shifter as well.” More of the ripping noise, and a huge black wolf stood in front of him, ‘Like I said, I am a Shape Shifter as well.’ This was too much for Seth; he just sat there wondering what he was going to do next.

His thoughts were cut short as four more young men came into the clearing, all of them were wearing jean cut off’s. They all started to shift, and all of them turned into big wolves as big as him. One of the wolves, a huge Grey one, said to him, ‘You are a wolf, therefore you are pack. It may take time, but you will join us, now, go home and get some rest.’ He wondered what the significance of all that was all the way home. He shifted human so he could ride his bike. When he reached his room, he didn’t even make it the first step in, he just passed out.

He came round the next day to his dad shaking him awake, “Get up boy, you have chores to do, and then you can go out.” He lifted his son off of the floor, only to feel the bare skin on his left forearm, “Strike that, you aren’t going anywhere.” His dad was an overprotective worrywart. He always worried that his son was getting into trouble, thing is, this time, he was right.

Seth Littlewolf is not a very outgoing kid; he is six foot tall with dark chocolate brown hair, rather big hands, and likes to read. He does not do much at his house, but wants to. He left his real mother side five years ago, and has not looked back. His father may not show much emotion, but he cares. A lot.

When his father said these words, however, Seth freaked out. Seth was NOT about to stay inside. He wanted to go outside and have fun.

“No, dad, I feel fine. I’m as fit as a fiddle.” He was surprised, he felt fine, but his dad felt the hot skin if his forearm and said “Seth, you are running a fever, you are not going anywhere.” Seth ran off at that, he loved how fast he suddenly was, and after a few miles, he was not even tired. He was just a fresh as the next guy, and he loved it. But bad things were about to happen.

Chapter One

Monday morning, at school, the sun is just coming up, the birds are singing, the nerd is lifted up the flag pole, and Seth Littlewolf is that nerd. He is always picked on because he thinks differently, you see, he thinks differently than anyone at Tahlequah High School. He thinks that learning is key to getting out of this irritating school, and they think that popularity is everything. He goes to school with a bunch of muscle head meatball morons. He lives out his years of school in a mechanical manner.

His best friend Don Geaer was on the ground being pushed around by the bullies, but as usual he did nothing. Though, when he got his fire going, at any given point, you want to stay at least ten meters away. He was not one you wanted to mess with, and everyone knew that. But not everyone followed that tip.

Seth started to get angry, and he tried to get himself down, but unfortunately, his pants did that for him. They ripped. He fell way down and landed on his feet and started to push guys off his friend, so that Don could breath.

Well, that day a new student popped up, and everyone was amazed. It was another female. The teacher introduced her as Katie somethingerother. Seth was not paying attention; he was just staring at her face. It was very exotic. He liked it. “I am Seth, welcome Katie to Tahlequah high. If you want I can show you around.” He offered. The teacher thought that was a grand idea. So, he got out of class early, and got to walk around the school with a very pretty girl. Double score.

“This is the cafeteria, and it is said you can get a very nutritious lunch here… I have not found one yet, but results may vary.” He said with a laugh. The lunch lady just glared at him. He grabbed his tray and went to sit and eat. Katie ate nothing. She did not say a word either, she just sat there. Katie was looking at him as though he were crazy.

Seth stopped talking for a while, and started to wonder if what he was doing was a good idea. He soon got over these thoughts as he smelled a very appetizing thing, bacon.

He went towards the smell, and saw that the group of boys that always sat there were eating bacon alright, but it was raw. He started to turn away until one of the boys threw some at him, and he caught it, eating it swiftly. He turned on his heel thinking how odd that was, and sat back with Katie. Much to her dismay.

The boy that threw the bacon at Seth stared at His Alpha, and said, “The next one, I fear…”

The Alpha of the pack, Thomas, said,”Yes… but he should be the last… This is not a very common gene…”

One of the others just shook his head, and said, ”When he does… you know, we will have to make it to where he is away from people, not us, but people. He will be very dangerous.” And that was the end of that, as they continue eating.

Seth sat down, and Katie just looked at him, still not eating. She seemed to have other things on her mind, so, he doubted that she even noticed that he was there.

He shook her out of her reverie with a small chuckle, and said, “Just, have fun, I don’t think there is TOO much danger here.”

“Okay, are you mentally retarded? Bacon, when raw, could carry Tapeworm, or something like that!” Her face livened up, and she seemed to be really worried.

He touched her hand to his skin, and said,”Anything that tries to get in me will die from intense heat, so, chill out.”

She seemed to take either great offence, or, great embarrassment, because she blushed, and tried to glare at him while he ate, but, she couldn’t. She seemed to be thinking of something to call him, but not much popped in her mind.

Seth got done eating, and dragged her to the free time area. See, during the long pauses between the periods, they could go to the direct middle of the school, and hand\g out for a bit. He looked at her and said, “What’s on your mind, Kate?” He asked, silently awaiting her answer.

“You, you stupid, moronic blockhead of a youth! You confuse me to no end, I can’t even think around you!” She screamed at him.

He just chuckled, and said,”That, my friend, is nothing new to me.”

For a minute, she thought he had meant that he had done this to people before, but he merely stated, “You always seem to have your head elsewhere, not in the present, or future, but the past. Do not dwell on what happened, but do not forget it. You are one of the two friends I have, and if that changes, I would seriously lose it.” He was smiling the entire time, and all she could do was think of something to close her mouth with.

Over the course of the next few days, she seemed to really liven up around Seth. He was a funny guy, but, she couldn’t bring herself to like him. There was just too much at stake for her to. Mainly, his life. She looked at him, and saw the way he seemed to smile at the bullies, and friends alike, nothing could make him mad. Except, her.

He stopped her in her daily ranting with, “Kate, stop, your life is NOT bad, I should know, okay? I know what its like to live on the streets, and so far, you’ve not gone there!” He said in a fume.

She looked at him in surprise, and sighed, hugging him, not knowing what she was doing, she said, “You’re such a drama king…” And she left to go home.

When he got home, he went outside into the woods behind his house, and started to sing an old hymn he learned from the local tribe,

“We n’ de Ya Ho,

We n’ de Ya Ho,

We n’ de ya,

We n’ de ya,

Ho, ho, ho, ho,

Ay Ya Ho,

Ay Ya Ho,

Ya, Ya, Ya”

Basically the song meant, we are of the Great Spirit, ho! But, he liked it; it made him feel more… whole.

The next day was Saturday, and he went to see if Katie was okay after he left so suddenly yesterday. He found her house, near his of course, and knocked, The first thing he saw was a smack coming at his face, which he promptly dodged, and said, “Really? That the best you got?” He teased, and found that she had a smile on, grinning like no tomorrow.

She hugged him again, and he was just as confused as before, when he had nothing better to do, and she hugged him,”Really, you gotta learn when someone is trying to play with you, you moved faster than a sacared Jackrabbit with a car on its tail.” She laughed.

He could never get over the way she talked all the time, it was bliss to him. He looked at her and said,”You have to learn when I am fast, and when I am faster,” He teased, getting her into a big bear hug, and tackling her to the ground.

She smiled, and pinched his ear, and laughed.

He smiled, and said, “I was coming over to see if you were all right, I guess that was not needed.” He teased, moving to go out the door. She promptly stopped him, with a smile on her face.

“Your not going anywhere, Seth Littlewolf, not until we hang out some, School has nothing in way of fun, and I get really bored there.” She laughed, taking him into the living room, where game consoles, and Computers reigned.

He smiled, as he was lead to the living room, and the first thing they did was try to kick each others butt at a fighting game. Seth won, of course, but Katie gave a good fight.

Then he found that she had the one thing he actually liked. Katana’s. He picked one up, and noted how light it was, and he went and swung it in a circle by his side, putting it up in one fluid movement.
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First few pages of my book.
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